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translated everything! yeah! xD
19 sep 2017

The ones you are missing are hard-coded, you need to go to the controller and change it there, some of those strings can also be found on the views

Please tell us the steps to use English only
20 dec 2016

The only way is going module by module and do the change, let do something better, lets take this one offline - I will send you my skype details and we can work on the remaining bits, I will explain you who you add the code that pulls the translation from the lang files.

Please tell us the steps to use English only
20 dec 2016

Here is the issue, some more recent modules/themes don't have the translation implemented, meaning it's in plain hard-coded French strings.

Here is something I agree but i dont agree with you at the same time:

First issue was, that the CMS should had been written from start up in only English and later if the core is stable, then in other languages too
and let me tell you why: Its their own cms, they can make it with any language they want, if french is the easy way to do it so be it.

There's is no rule that says when developing software it needs to be in English there's not even a guideline to it at all.

Every time a new release comes along i normally do a pull and merge it in my own fork.

Can we do something about it? Absolutely, both @FoxLey and @eResnova have been working hard on this cms and they were even more awesome when they made it opensource.

The translation system to be honest is not a mess, it just needs to be applied to all modules but as you can imagine having only two people constantly working to improve it and bring on new features while working on their normal day jobs is not an easy task,

Why not help them by setting up a translation project for the cms, the more people join in the more quality we can get out of the translations.

I can start a GitHub repo with what i already have.

Heres is an example of a website that is using neofrag and is fully translated into english:

Please tell us the steps to use English only
19 dec 2016

Hi Andy,

I assume the issue you are experiencing is mostly related where some areas are in English and other bits are still in French correct?

Aide pour la traduction en portugais
15 nov 2016

@SubZero tens mensagem :)

User Online status not working & keeps being auto logged out after short while
3 oct 2016

do you have the website address to have a look?

User Online status not working & keeps being auto logged out after short while
22 sep 2016

can you check if you have a timezone set up on the php settings?
see if you have it setup, you can create a php file in the root of your host and add <?php phpinfo(); ?> and see if your timezone is set to your location/server location - basically it needs to have a valid time zone, otherwise can mess up the cookies which will result in a session expired even if you just logged in

User Online status not working & keeps being auto logged out after short while
21 sep 2016

on your php host settings check if the system can write sessions, i had this issue before and endup being a problem with the sessions directory being used by php

Message prive inaccessible.
21 sep 2016

sorry for this to be in english - I have a quick fix in place for this.

go to neofrag / modules / user / controllers / index.php

on line 637 replace:

if ($this->form->is_valid($post))
$this->model('messages')->reply($message_id, $post['message']);


if ($this->form->is_valid($post))
if (preg_match('/^[a-z0-9\040\.\-]+$/i',$post['title']) && mb_strlen($post['title']) > 3 )
$title = $post['title'];
} else {
$title = "No title";
if ($message_id = $this->model('messages')->insert_message($post['recipients'], $title, $post['message']))

NOTE: This may not be the best way to do it but it works perfectly for me.

Language doesn't work properly on site.
15 aug 2016

for those who are still getting the french language even after drag and drop the lang to the top ( this affects the way nes and other stuff is displyed after the update)

to to neofrag /core / config.php and comment line 98 and uncomment line 99 it should look like this

//$this->update('default', 'fr');
$this->update('default', array_shift($nf_languages));