Prerequisites before installation

Before proceeding with the installation of NeoFrag, you must ensure that you have compatible hosting.

There are many hosts, the best known are OVH and 1 & 1 , after all depends on your needs and your budget. There are also free solutions, such as alwaysdata with a limited offer of 100 MB but which is more than enough to start with NeoFrag.

Subsequently, we will offer a turnkey hosting service, low cost. In addition, an offer (limited storage space) will discover NeoFrag for free.

PHP version 7 or higher
1 MySQL database (or MariaDB) with the InnoDB storage engine
The curl , gd2 , intl , json , mbstring , mysqli and zip extensions
Apache HTTP Server with mod rewrite and AllowOverride All


VersionAlpha 0.2.1
4.80 Mo

1st step: Transfer the files

After downloading the .zip archive of NeoFrag (button above), you will be able to install it on your hosting.

Unzip the .zip file to your computer (with7zip for example)
Open your FTP clientFileZilla and enable transfer inbinary mode
Connect to your web server and drag and drop to upload NeoFrag files

2nd step: Initialize the database

On the server, edit the file config/db.php and config/db.php the information of your database
Open your database with PhpMyAdmin, select your database and import the file DATABASE.sql

Installation completed

You can now go to your site powered by NeoFrag!

Sign in with the admin id and admin123 password to start customizing your site!

If you encounter difficulties for this installation, do not hesitate to consult thefrequently asked Questions, you can also join us on Discord or on ourforum.