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Download and install NeoFrag for your community!

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The modular architecture allows optimal management of its site.
List of modules


Adapted for multilingual sites, the translation is maintained thanks to thecommunity.


Manythemes, along with a maximum of customization options, make it possible to create unique sites.


In addition to all these strengths, NeoFrag is open source and free!

eSport & Gaming

Customized features, designed for eSport & Gaming teams.

Modern & fast

Designed with the goal of being as fast as possible, the latest technologies are managed.


The administration interface guarantees security, its access is adjustable according to the needs, with more or fewer rights.

Designed for developers

NeoFrag is a full-fledged framework that allows developers to design modules that meet any needs.
Thanks to documentation and video tutorials, programming becomes easy and accessible to everyone.

Project progress

NeoFrag is in Alpha version, but not for long!

Hibernation outputMarch25, 2018

Resumption of activity after several months of intense development. The presentation site of NeoFrag has been reworked somewhat.

Release Alpha 0.2June26, 2018

This new version brings mainly internal innovations, including a new model management, the integration of namespaces ...


This project is intended to remain usable for the greatest number and this for free, but the community will be able to participate in order to perpetuate its growth.

Turnkey hosting

We will offer a low cost web hosting service.
In addition, an offer (limited storage space) will discover NeoFrag for free.

Technical documentation

The documentation will allow the developers to take in hand the code of NeoFrag to create their own themes & addons.

Community translation

The community will be involved in translating the entire project thanks to a tailor-made tool that facilitates this work.

Premium Themes Shop

The Themes & Addons module will be expanded, with many additional components, as well as premium paid themes.

Release Beta 0.3

Last straight before the first stable version, this beta will end the alpha stage, thanks to the automated installation ...

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