NEWS don't look like I want them to

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I want the news page to look exactly like the demo's start page where there is a small picture to the left of the text...
Now it looks like this:

Also, when i click on "see all news" it takes me back to the startpage? Did I do something wrong here or what?
Same when I click the "Member list" it takes me back to index(start page)...

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Since support is pretty slow, no offense, I figured out the problem on my own.

In order to get news displayed as it looks on demo page of this beautiful CMS, you will have to choose "Module" when making a new widget.
This will show both news like I wanted it, member list, and also all the cathegorised news.
Without the module, some links are broken.

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Yea sorry @albin2009

When you are on the live editor, you can add a "module" named widget wich will show you the module of the page (left top corner) you are currently editing.

Again we apologize for this long response time even if you found the solution ;)

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