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Registration issues
8 nov 2018

Anyone who can help me with registration?

I need to either somehow hardcode:

- Registered users need to confirm via email.
If this is to much work then:

- An admin needs to review your registration and accept the user before the user can login
Is there anyway to hardcode this in to the system?

I know for a fact that my community with alot of active players will needs this.
If we do ban a user, he/she can just register directly again and keep spamming/posting shitty things.

Changing "text" logo to an actual picture?
6 nov 2018

That did the job!
This worked perfect, after 3 days, THANKS!

Would you mind answering my other topics to eResnova or one of the other staff/members in this forum?

The CMS is great but the support, I dont really know what happend there.

And I see ALLLLOOOT of posts not even answered from 2017...
I do understand that you have lives and jobs to attend to.

You guys do need to take some responsibility.... and im not trying to be rude here, this is just my honest opinon.

THE CMS IS GREAT! Don't let it go down due to the slow support. Cause people will leave for other CMS if there is no support.
I will make an effort trying to help as many as I can here in the forum on the English side.


Changing "text" logo to an actual picture?
6 nov 2018

Blober, any progress on this? It's been almost 3 days :)

5 nov 2018

Hello again, im posting like crazy on this forum right now! But I need progress! :)

So this is how my monitoring page looks:

Is there anyway to fix these errors....
I don't even know if I wana call them errors, the only thing I did was to translate the whole system.. I didnt change any important code or anything..
Can this be fixed or atleast hidden and making the beating heart green again? Since this is not really errors like I explained over.

If there is no easy fix, the I guess I can live with it. I will just have to hide the whole tab/link or something.

Change language of birth date in "edit profile"
5 nov 2018

I also fixed this on my own.

For all of you who are wondering how to get the calendar in English language...

go to:


Modify the file in the langauge you want it.

English translation:(RE-PLACE all the code in your file with this)

//! moment.js locale configuration
//! locale : french (fr)
//! author : John Fischer :
(function (global, factory) {
typeof exports === 'object' && typeof module !== 'undefined' ? factory(require('../moment')) :
typeof define === 'function' && define.amd ? define(['moment'], factory) :
}(this, function (moment) { 'use strict';
var fr = moment.defineLocale('fr', {
months : 'january_february_mars_april_may_june_july_august_september_october_november_december'.split('_'),
monthsShort : 'jan._feb._mars_april._may_june_july._aug_sept._oct._nov._dec.'.split('_'),
weekdays : 'dimanche_lundi_mardi_mercredi_jeudi_vendredi_samedi'.split('_'),
weekdaysShort : 'sun._mon._thus._wend._thur._fri._sat.'.split('_'),
weekdaysMin : 'Su_Mo_Th_We_Th_Fr_Sa'.split('_'),
longDateFormat : {
LT : 'HH:mm',
LTS : 'HH:mm:ss',
LLLL : 'dddd D MMMM YYYY HH:mm'
calendar : {
sameDay: '[Today at] LT',
nextDay: '[Tomorrow at] LT',
nextWeek: 'dddd [at] LT',
lastDay: '[Yesterday at] LT',
lastWeek: 'dddd [last to] LT',
sameElse: 'L'
relativeTime : {
future : 'in %s',
past : 'there is %s',
s : 'a few seconds',
m : 'one minute',
mm : '%d minutes',
h : 'one oclock',
hh : '%d hours',
d : 'one day',
dd : '%d days',
M : 'a month',
MM : '%d month',
y : 'a year',
yy : '%d years'
ordinalParse: /\d{1,2}(er|)/,
ordinal : function (number) {
return number + (number === 1 ? 'er' : '');
week : {
dow : 1, // Monday is the first day of the week.
doy : 4 // The week that contains Jan 4th is the first week of the year.
return fr;

I did NOT change the actual file name from fr.js to eng.js
This is the fr file, just translated to english.

I dont know what would happen if I actually changed the name of file, but I think the system wouldn't be able to find the actual file?
It would be real nice to be able to change the file, and it would make it easier navigate later on.
I know nothing about JS and therefor my question here would be:
How do we change the name of the file? Do we need to change the path to this JS file in some other file or can we just change the file name?

Im doing this for all of you who can't understand and are trying your best, like me, to translate this CMS.

Also, you should all know that this can cause errors in future updates of the CMS.
If you translate and update the CMS later on, the file could be lost/overwritten and you will have to do all of this again

Color Nav menu + member space mini not working?
5 nov 2018

Hi again.
Albin2009 coming in with yet another support post :D

So im trying to change all the panels to white/grey colors, but im having problems changing the from dark/black to white/grey when it comes to the NAV menu + member space mini.

Even though I change the actual style.css to an RGBA white it wont change colors. IMAGE:

Changing "text" logo to an actual picture?
4 nov 2018

Super blober, please do this as quickly as possible so I can get this working :)

Changing "text" logo to an actual picture?
4 nov 2018

Hi I did send you a pm with login info since the website is in maintance mode.

Changing "text" logo to an actual picture?
3 nov 2018

That was easy :d
How do I remove the background though, there is no option in the widget configs in live editor?

Final config looks like this, but the white background needs to go away...
If you talking about adding free html widget content and then using your guide to change to no background it's not show that option in widget color config.
Idk if your guide work on VersionAlpha That is the version im using.