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Missing Files
24 feb 2016

OK, what ever it was.. my personal solution:
i made a new sub domain and put everything there.
it seems that your cms disliked being placed in a roots sub folder.

so now it's instead of and it works pretty fine.

thx for this nice cms!

PS: tonight/next days i will translate it into german and i can give you the DE-Localization for including into the download bundle afterwards

Missing Files
23 feb 2016

It's Unchanged like in lastest Download included.. @work right now

My space so you can see how it Looks like:

Missing Files
23 feb 2016

thx for your advise, i checked my host settings.. htaccess is activated on my domain so mod rewrite should be activated as well if i understand following text correctly:

You can configure some global webserver settings here which affects your entire account. These settings can't be done per virtualhost or domain.

.htaccess Files
You are able to use .htaccess files with your servage account if your required. These Files can be used to influence the webservers configuration on a per-directory level. The most common usage is to configure mod_rewrite, mod_redirect or to create password protected directories that requires user authentication.

Normally we advise you to keep this option turned off as it can affect your website performance negatively or even cause the website to be offline due to misconfigurations in .htaccess files.

Missing Files
22 feb 2016

hi folks, just testing clan cms and yours look pretty cool in demo mode..

Is it possible that there are missing files in the zip archive?
after installation i get an unstyled page and all links are dead ends (http error 404)!?

link: connexion wants to switch to [root]/user.html.. i dont have a single user.html in my webspace neither in the zip