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Please tell us the steps to use English only
20 dec 2016

Ok lets do it. Pm me Your Skype data please. Today I cant contact You, have to work sadly :) but I will write You tomorrow if its ok for You?

Please tell us the steps to use English only
20 dec 2016

Oh my god - it was not my plan to say something bad about the CMS or the tough guys who developed it.
I find the CMS very good and I like it a lot! I will not sound like a unsatisfied asshole - I honor the work they have done.

You are right - its the thing of the developers which language they choose - I only mentioned that it would have been easier for other developers to join if the main language is english from start on. Also the user community would have been biger.

I say with no word the CMS is bad the only little issue I see is the language and thats a minimal issue if we have a look about the whole CMS.

Thanks for showing me the link to the "English" setup of the CMS, it looks amacing. Is it possible that they share the language files with us?

I started to translate the Awards and the Game Map module by myself, but I lost the whole work after the latest upgrade to 1.5.3 (I have not thought far enough - normaly it is clear that the files will get overwritten) Next time I will be smarter lol lol lol

Sadly I`m not a PHP programmer - I`m only a selfmade hobbiiest frontend developer with knowledge in CSS and HTML and a little JS.

But now back to my main question:

Can You point me to a way how to make the CMS use English only, please?

I need a little step by step - which files has to be edited or completet - then I will make the English files ready for use with NeoFrag.
I would be happy to help with the translation, also with the German language. Just show me the way pls.

Personal Note: @FoxLey and @eResnova - hey guys I`m sorry I will not sound like a unhappy user or asshole - I respect the work You have done - it is a amacing CMS and I love it!!!!

@FoxLey et @eResnova - hey guys Je suis désolé je ne vais pas sonner comme un utilisateur malheureux ou asshole - Je respecte le travail que vous avez fait - c'est un CMS amacing et je l'aime !!!!

Please tell us the steps to use English only
19 dec 2016

Yes right and I already tried out some of the solutions I was reading here at the forum, but with no good result. Thats why I want to keep only one language and make it perfect and thats English because En is the world language and a lot more important as French or German (I`m from Germany).

I`ve seen whats the problem with the whole language chaos. First issue was, that the CMS should had been written from start up in only English and later if the core is stable, then in other languages too. Most gamer communities prefer English, because most guilds and clans are international these days and its also better to start with English because of theme and module developers and to become more people which are willing to use the CMS.

The CMS ist so good and the idea behind it, its so sad that the language system ist such a chaos.

Some modules have language files/folders and in other modules the files are completly missing or hardcoded in french. Best would be to rewrite the whole language system, because to sort out the chaos is more work as to start a brand new system, but thats my opinion.

Any ideas how to get it done?

Please tell us the steps to use English only
19 dec 2016

Hallo Community,

I would be extremly happy if someone can tell me the steps to make my NeoFrag installation English language "only".

I want to delete all other languages and want to use English as default and as solo language.

The whole language system of NeoFrag is a bit of a chaos at the moment (I know its a Alpha Version) and I try to make it 100% working with only English.

I`ll write the missing language tags and also the missing English Translations. But someone has to show me a step by step, what I have to do please.

Again - Thank You verrrry much for this nice piece of software!

Kind regards, Andy

Set Language completly to English or another lang
17 dec 2016

Same question here - I also want to know how to keep only English and German translations and the rest should be deleted from my setup. How is it possible, or whats the best way to do it?

Si le projet est mort? Pas de réponses à GitHub, rien.
17 dec 2016

Ohhh, I`m happy it is active because it is really a stunning CMS :)

Thanks for the info FoxLey

Si le projet est mort? Pas de réponses à GitHub, rien.
16 dec 2016

Hallo community,

(Google translater french)

Je me demande seulement: Si le projet est mort? Pas de réponses à GitHub, rien. En GitHub attendre Pull Requests + Issues.

Veuillez agréer de l'Allemagne,

vos Andreas

Note personnelle: Le CMS est agréable et je l'espère, pas empêché de Vous `ll y travailler.

For an upcoming release could you bring Translations earlier :)
9 dec 2016

So, is it not possible to translate it at the moment in no way?